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Welcome to the Career Unicorns Media page where you can find the latest news, events, publications, and more. Please check back often for updates.

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Kind Words
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Kind Words

Speaking Engagements

“I would love to recommend Samorn! While preparing for one of my job interviews, I attended one of Samorn's lunch and learns. The session was about imposter syndrome. It was on the same day as one of my interview rounds and I was actually feeling imposter syndrome right before my interview. The topic could not have come at a better time. I got off the lunch and learn and went right into my interview feeling a renewed sense of confidence.”

Paul Leung,

Software Engineer at Airbnb


Publications & Media

Who’s Going Bat For Your Career
It’s Not A Sign Of Weakness To Ask For Help
An Alternative Pathway To A Dream Job Destination
Demystifying Boutique, Small, and Mid-size Firms
Changing Times, Changing CDO
What Does Your Name Say about You - The Eighth Circuit Undercuts Name Association Discrimination Claims in EEOC v. Trans States Airlines
Here's how to own feedback at work.
My name is Samorn. And I have depression.
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Spark Your Joy with Samorn Selim

Are you feeling stuck and frustrated at work?  Join Career Unicorns - Spark Your Joy podcast where we chat about how you can find a sense of belonging in a world that repeatedly tells you that you’re not supposed to be here.

Guest Podcasts




Self Love Lessons From A Workaholic, Depressed, Insomniac Lawyer

A raw, vulnerable, and authentic memoir about the daughter of illiterate, poor Lao refugees growing up in Stockton who defies the odds of being a welfare queen to earn a degree from Berkeley Law and work at a Big Law firm.

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