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Working with Samorn was one of the best things I’ve ever done professionally. She guided me through a recent job application process and there’s no question she contributed to my success there. She is patient, down to earth, kind, and full of practical, empathetic, and encouraging advice — it was basically like getting the benefits of 6 months of therapy in a few hours of one-on-one time. Cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Katherine Malone, Attorney at Greenburg Traurig
Samorn is inspiring and has provided me with support and career guidance that I could not find anywhere else. Before I met Samorn, I sought guidance from other advisors on how to better present myself through my resume and cover letter. I received some help from these other advisors and was told that I was in good shape, but I still felt like my materials were missing something. Samorn reviewed my materials and gave me honest, straightforward, and constructive feedback. She helped me understand how to better organize, highlight and convey what I could offer instead of simply what I had done. Working with Samorn made me feel more confident not only because she helped me revamp my materials, but also because I knew she cared about my success and would continue to encourage me along the way. I have full-faith in Samorn’s ability to advise, guide, and motivate a person. I strongly recommend her to anyone taking the next step in their career.
— Olivia Layug, Attorney
I’ve had the chance to work with Samorn over the span of a few months. She does what so many others fail to do, she inspires! She does this by sharing her own story, her struggles, epiphanies, hard-work, and successes. By being so candid with you, it allows you to not only be honest with her, but with yourself. I became bolder and more vocal with what I wanted from my career and myself. Samorn personalizes assignments and recommends books that addresses your own, specific needs. She provides contact templates and works with you to leverage your contacts. You learn how to navigate your own channels. More than that, she creates a space in which you feel that you can be open and honest. The lessons she has taught me have been indispensable and I look forward to working with her again.
— Dorothy Louis, Strategic Research Analyst at Change to Win Federation
Turning to Samorn as my career coach and mentor was one of the best decisions I made. A friend referred me to Samorn and I could not be more thankful! As I explored a job opportunity, Samorn patiently guided me through the process by effectively listening to the job description before us, by conducting her own research relevant to drafting my cover letter and to tailoring my resume, and by asking me thought-provoking questions. Samorn helped me outline my cover letter and also, gave me constructive feedback on my resume. After she helped me diligently draft my cover letter that carried my voice, she then took her time to thoroughly provide insightful edits so as to create the needed flow for my application packet. It was an incredible and enlightening experience working with Samorn. I received two rounds of interviews from my work with Samorn and it was I who declined the third round interview as I realized that the job opportunity was ultimately not a long-term fit for me. Thank you Samorn!
— Niti Gupta, Associate Counsel at Appellate Defenders, Inc
I am one of a lucky few who have the privilege of Samorn being both a friend and a valuable source of professional advice. I have known Samorn since law school and she remains one of my most trusted advisors; frankly, she is one of the first people I reach out to when contemplating a career move. As I progressed in my career and transitioned jobs, Samorn provided sound practical advice on how to nail interviews. She skillfully identifies your weaknesses and helps you to overcome them. After a few conversations with Samorn, you emerge more confident of yourself and what you have to offer. Cover letters become easier to write, and the “Tell me about yourself” interview question becomes a piece of cake. I am impressed by Samorn’s natural ability to help you figure out a way to approach interviews and cover letters in a way that makes you comfortable while presenting yourself in the best possible light (especially if you’re not used to tooting your own horn). Samorn is truly an asset for anyone seeking career advice and professional guidance
— Tran Ly, Deputy City Attorney
Samorn is an incredibly talented and experienced career counselor. Her down to earth and straightforward approach is disarming, comforting and efficient. I’ve consulted several career counselors during the 4 years I’ve been practicing law and Samorn has been the most effective in a short period of time. I was impressed by her ability to quickly identify key areas that needed improvement and suggest creative solutions. I highly recommend Samorn for anyone wanting a fresh perspective on preparing for or dealing with their careers.
— David Yoshida, Attorney